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Bryson DeChambeau's Arms Fly Off His Body During Swing at PGA Championship

All muscle.

By Dave Henry

ROCHESTER, New York - In a shocking, and frankly gruesome scene, golfer Bryson DeChambeau lost both his arms Friday from swinging so hard during the second round of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club.

DeChambeau, one of the longest hitters in the world, swung so hard that both of his arms detached from his shoulders on the follow-through. 

His arms, still attached to the driver, flew about 100 yards down the fairway. The tournament was delayed as the grounds crew hustled out to clean up all the blood on the first fairway. 

EMTs were on hand as well to put DeChambeau's arms on ice.

"It's just one of those things," said DeChambeau from the back of an ambulance. "Sometimes, you just swing a little too hard and your arms come flying off your body. Unfortunately, it happens. But it was a great shot."

The drive hurdled down the fairway about 350 yards, well past his arms. DeChambeau managed to still finish the hole, and the rest of the round, using his mouth to swing the club.

“Look, there's no rule in the PGA rulebook that says you have to use your arms to swing a club,” he said. “It's just assumed that players will use their arms, but it is by no means written in stone.” 

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Despite the ingenuity, DeChambeau did not fare as well swinging with his mouth, as he finished with a 379-over-par score of 450, well below the weekend’s cut. 

Looking forward, DeChambeau, who now plays on the LIV tour, is excited about his prospects, even without arms.

"Listen, I play on the LIV, where the golf is terrible and no one cares anyway, so I still think I can win some tournaments in the short term using my mouth," he added.

A source tells End of the Bench that returning to the game with two arms remains on the table for Dechambeau, but that the LIV star “will have options.”

“Technically, he could have his arms sewn back onto his shoulders. This is probably the most convenient option, but there is the chance that his arms could fly off again on a hard swing. Two, he could regrow his arms, as Deadpool did with his legs in Deadpool 2, but the downside there is it could take several years to grow them back. The upside is, his arms will be younger and stronger when they do grow fully back. Three, he could keep working on his mouth golf game, perhaps designing a new line of clubs for use exclusively by the mouth.”

"I've already reinvented golf once, designing my own clubs of all the same length," said DeChambeau when asked about his future. "Now, I'll just do it again, designing the world's first mouth clubs and perhaps start a new trend, maybe a whole new game."

They don't call him "the Scientist" for nothing.

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