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Bizarre Stephen A. Smith Show Clip Just Two Hours of Reflection on His Mortality

What happens after we're gone?


By Parker Johnson

After lighthearted discussions about everything from toilet paper to Pokemon, Stephen A. Smith’s latest viral clip from his self-titled show took a strange turn yesterday.

“Okay, so we got a question here from @BigDogKen, he asks ‘Stephen A, what happens after we die?” Stephen A. said. “Well, we’ve answered a lot of questions on this show. And usually, I’ve got the answers! But right now… Big Dog Ken, you’ve got me thinking.”

Smith’s lack of answers completely took aback producers for the show.

“Usually, we’ll give Stephen some of these outside-the-box questions. He’s been an expert at spinning these questions into something funny,” production assistant Naomi Price said. “But when we put this question on the screen for him to read off, he just kind of stood there for a while… pondering, maybe?” 

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The famed commentator went on to divulge his outlook on the afterlife.

“Big Dog Ken, for the first time in the history of The Stephen A. Smith Show, I don’t know,” Stephen A. began. “And that’s a scary thought. You know, I’m 56 years old now. I got some time left. But at the same time, you never really know how much time you have left, you feel me? And what happens next… Big Dog Ken, I gotta be honest, I couldn’t tell you. But on that same note, that’s why we gotta make the most of the time that we have. Maybe there is an afterlife after this, where we can find some kind of peace. But in case there isn’t, well– I wanna know that the time I spent on this Earth was worth it.”

The person who asked the question, Kenneth “Big Dog Ken” Franklin, was taken completely off-guard by Stephen’s sincere take on his question.

“You know, I saw him giving his take on the Sesame Street starting 5, and I thought he might have a lighthearted, silly answer to subvert the heaviness of the topic,” Kenneth said. “Now, after hearing him talk, I’m feeling weirdly motivated to go out and seize the day.”

Following the conclusion of the episode, Stephen A. was seen calling various family members on the phone to let them know how much he loves and values them.

End of the Bench will have more on this story after we contemplate the meaning of life.

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