Birthday Party Forces Arizona Coyotes to Reschedule Game

Party time!

By Jason Lee

The Arizona Coyotes are reportedly moving to Tempe after officials with the City of Glendale announced in August 2021 that they would not be renewing their agreement with the hockey team, who currently plays at the city’s Gila River Arena, beyond the 2021-2022 season, citing "an increased focus on larger, more impactful events" for the arena after the upcoming season ends. 

TEMPE, AZ - The Arizona Coyotes have postponed this Saturday night’s home game against the Los Angeles Kings after discovering that local boy Javier Rodriguez would be having his 8th birthday party at the arena that night. 

Javier’s mother, Maria, a 37-year-old Tempe native, reportedly chose the venue for a more relaxed setting after describing Chuck E. Cheese as “too crowded.”

The last place Coyotes felt a mixture of relief and elation after receiving the news that their latest shellacking would be delayed.

“We’re not going to use the extra time to watch film or anything because, really, what’s the point?” said center Nick Schmaltz.

“I might just go to the party,” revealed winger Phil Kessel, before adding that “it would be nice to see people in this building being entertained."

Coyotes President & CEO Xavier A. Gutierrez remained hopeful that no other games would need to be moved, after convincing the Glendale Senior Center to postpone their bingo nights until May.

“Once we told them our games don’t start until 9 p.m., they backed off,” Guiterrez said. “They promised to have all the chairs cleaned up by then, so I don't foresee any other issues the rest of the season.”

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