Bad NBA Team Interested in Drafting Good Players

Bold strategy

NEW YORK - The [INSERT BAD TEAM HERE] are reportedly “interested in getting better” this off-season by drafting “good” players at Thursday evening’s 2021 NBA Draft, sources tell End of the Bench.The [INSERT BAD TEAM HERE] have spent much of the long offseason reframing and shaping their roster and front office, even hiring a new coach and general manager in hopes of bringing [INSERT BAD TEAM’S CITY] its first NBA Championship since [INSERT LAST TIME BAD TEAM WON AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP]. “There’s no question they want good players,” a team source tells EOTB. “This franchise is definitely committed to turning things around, there’s a buzz in [INSERT BAD TEAM’S CITY] like I have never seen before.”Fans will remember that the [INSERT BAD TEAM HERE] underwent a similar process just a season ago, taking on bad contracts and losing nearly every game in hopes of having a better shot at top-tier talent. The new change in organizational strategy is a “complete 180” from years past, the source went on to say.“This is nothing like last season, it’s a whole different ball game,” the source added. “Last year we were picking in the top 2 and now we’re picking in the top 3. So, our strategy had to shift majorly.”Time will only tell if the [INSERT BAD TEAM HERE]’s commitment to improving their future prospects will work, but viewers can watch “the process” themselves when the 2021 NBA Draft kicks off Thursday night on ESPN.

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