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10 Ways You Can Hit on Me, a Woman Just Simply Existing at the Gym

Sure-fire suggestions.

By Nat Hrvatin

1. As I check in, ask me if I come here often.

Sure, I might be wearing the gym’s merch and toting a well-worn membership card, but ignore those context clues. I appreciate you noticing me for the first time, even though I recognize you as the guy who makes loud grunting noises as you deadlift.

2. Offer to give me a personal tour of the gym.

Though I know my way around, as I’ve been at this gym for over a year, I'd love to play dumb while you give your version of a “tour,” which is a demonstration of which dumbbells really make your biceps pop.

3. If I put on headphones, take that as a sign I’m playing hard to get and woo me by removing them.

I’m not trying to ignore you, no! It’s a test of how interested you are in me. You can return my obvious flirting by holding the headphones out of reach and telling me that jumping is good cardio.

4. When I’m refilling my water bottle, comment on how thirsty I am.

How clever! Bonus points for using the term “guzzling” in a disgusting way.

5. Offer to be my spotter.

But not when I’m lifting weights. Offer to spot me while I’m in a yoga class, so you can watch me and critique my asanas.

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6. Make a bet with me that you can do more pull-ups.

There’s no way I can match your manly show of five whole pull-ups. And please remove your shirt so I can get a close-up view of the sweat sprinkling off your biceps.

7. Ask me if I’d like to heat things up by joining you in the sauna.

Totally not creepy at all!

8. Get on the treadmill behind me and pretend you’re chasing me.

What a playful and adorable way to get my heart rate up.

9. Listen to my conversation with the gym manager where I request a spot designated as a women’s-only section.

Be sure to interject with reasons as to how that would be unfair to men. A devil’s advocate can be so sexy!

10. Offer to give me a private workout in a place where I’ll most feel comfortable: your home.

Who would say no to such an offer?

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