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10 Other National Tragedies You Can Parlay with Draft Kings

Never Forget.

Draft Kings, a sports betting site, has sparked backlash and bewilderment with its latest 9/11-themed "Never Forget" parlay promotion, leading many to question how such an idea was ever approved in the first place and prompting an apology.

The Titanic Iceberg Parlay +1500*

Bet that the New York Rangers will score more goals than the Titanic had smokestacks and the New York Islanders will have more penalty minutes than lifeboats available.

San Francisco Seismic Parlay +3000*

Will the 49ers' total touchdowns mimic the 7.9 magnitude of the 1906 earthquake and the Golden State Warriors shake their opponents with a 19-point lead?

Chicago Fire Touchdown Parlay +300*

Bank on the Bears netting as many touchdowns as days the Chicago fire raged on and the Bulls missing more shots than city blocks burnt.

Hurricane Katrina Saints Parlay +2000*

Hope the flood of the Saints’ rushing attack eclipses 200 yards and the Pelicans drown their opponents with a 20-point lead.

Boston Molasses Disaster Dunk +171*

Can the Celtics record more dunks than the number of blocks flooded and the Patriots score fewer points than the death toll?

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Joplin Tornado Parlay +158*

Expect the Kansas City Chiefs to whirl past their opponents with a lead as wide as the Joplin tornado’s path and the Royals to send their opponent to the cellar screaming with 9+ strikeouts.

Galveston Hurricane Wave Parlay +7000*

Predict the Astros will hit more home runs than the 1900 hurricane's Category rank and the Rockets to shoot more threes than the number of people displaced and left stranded by the federal government.

Oklahoma City Bombing Blitz Parlay +168*

Reckon the Oklahoma Sooners will score more points than the number of floors damaged and the Oklahoma City Thunder forcing more turnovers than lives completely shattered.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Foul Shot Parlay +146*

Believe the Knicks will net more free throws than factory floors and the Giants create as many turnovers as locked exit doors.

The Next Great Marketing Idea Parlay -10000000

Major Brand comes up with a terrible idea, makes a half-hearted apology, and continues to profit off of tragedy.

*With respect to the tragedies, Draft Kings has made the odds reflect the number of people killed or injured in these incidents. Our thoughts and prayers to those most affected by these horrific circumstances.

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