10 Lesser-Known NFL Combine Tests

True tests of your worth

By Joe Matheson

The NFL Combine is underway in Indianapolis this week, as college players from across the nation showcase their skills to NFL scouts. Many tests, such as the 40-yard dash and Wonderlic test get a lot of attention, but people forget about other tests and workouts that are just as crucial to determining if a team will draft a player or not.

Coin Flip

This test not only measures a player's ability to call heads or tails, but it also helps promote them to captaincy, where they are more likely to tell the ref that they want to defer to the second half.


The Wonderlic gets all the attention, but players' scores on this medical school entrance exam will indicate how well they can self-diagnose a concussion.

Snow Shoveling Contest

Northern teams really pay attention to the players who can also shovel out the stadium after a massive snowstorm.

High Stakes Kicking

Teams want a kicker with a cool head for games that come down to the wire. A game-winning kick is pressure enough, but when a hostage situation, major Supreme Court ruling, or first-year salary is on the line, shit gets turned up to 11.


Unbeknownst to many, the par-3 golf tournament is popular among participants and helps teams determine the guys who won't really care if they have made the playoffs or not. Super Bowl? Nah, they have a tee time to make. Fun fact, the Cowboys selected Tony Romo based entirely on his combine golf tournament score.

Dance contest 

Players are beginning to run out of content with their touchdown celebrations and need more ideas. You can only do the Gritty or imitate bowling so often.

The Alabama Test

This test determines if a combine participant played football at the University of Alabama. Historically, those who have said yes to this test tend to be drafted higher.

Find the Diamond in the Rough

A combine-themed version of Find the Needle in the Haystack, winners of this test will automatically be drafted by the Seattle Seahawks.

Icebreaker Challenge

Players need to come up with a fun fact about themselves game announcers will annoyingly repeat throughout their entire careers.

A Football Game

Staging a football game consisting of combine participants truly helps NFL scouts figure out who the best football players are.

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