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10 Lawn Games to Make Yourself Look Good at Fourth of July Parties

Be THAT guy this Fourth of July.

If you’re in need of a confidence booster, Independence Day celebrations are a great way to show off your unique skills that matter literally nowhere else in life. Cornhole/BagsFourth of July isn’t the only day of the year this backyard classic is played, but if you’re looking to absolutely let your friends, family, and even people you don’t know at the party you’re attending know who the best athlete here is, break out the boards and sink a few. The sound of your bags loudly slapping the wooden board will set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. CroquetNothing will establish your party dominance quite like a game of croquet. Trust us, people will take notice as you start scorching the wickets inconveniently placed around the yard. If you’re needing some extra validation, knock your opponents’ balls way off course, because people definitely want to know how strong you are.BadmintonEven if you’re not a basketball player, badminton can be a slam dunk for letting everyone know how incredibly athletic you are. Recommended for taller individuals, especially those claiming to be actually six feet tall, badminton can be a great way to show off your jumping ability, which everyone is definitely curious about.Large Connect FourThe brain is the biggest muscle you can flex, and lining up four wooden circles in a row lets partygoers know who the strongest AND smartest guy in the backyard is.Yard JengaAnother great way to show off your intellectual prowess and finesse. Exaggerate every block pull so on-lookers completely stop what they’re doing to observe. Ladder GolfThe way you flick your wrist says a lot about you. Set the party on fire with a couple of three-point shots, because your golf ball rope throwing abilities should be documented and recorded. WashersThe loud clanging sound of the metal washers striking the cup will send shivers down every party guest’s spine. Sink a couple of ringers and have everyone in the audience be bothered about how amazing you are. HorseshoesJust like washers, the louder and more disruptive to everyone’s afternoon your throws are, the more you can hammer home the fact that you are the only celestial immortal at this outdoor gathering. Bocce BallYou’re already the self-proclaimed “king of the lanes” at your Thursday night bowling league, so your otherworldly talent for rolling a ball straight should translate well to any backyard. Come down from your throne and let the peasants in attendance know who is boss, King. MirrorIf none of the above work, this game will fill that empty void you’ve desperately wanted to for years. Find the nearest reflective surface and remind the greatest athlete in human existence who the true Alpha is. Who needs to spend time surrounded by loved ones on a holiday weekend to feel a sense of purpose when you have backyard lawn games?

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