10 Greatest Athletes Named After Body Parts

The all-body team.

By Dave Henry

1. Jake Butt. 

Butt played for the Denver Broncos from 2017 through 2020 and he was a tight end, which is really the perfect position for a man named Butt.

2. Louis Lipps. 

Louis Lipps was a wide receiver and kick returner who played in the NFL from 1984 through 1992, mostly for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was offensive rookie of the year in 1984 and a 2-time all-pro, so he had quite a career. One of his best games was Dec. 24, 1989, when he had 137 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns, including a 79-yard bomb in a Steelers win over the Buccaneers. You might even say Louis Lipps sinks ships.

3. Mo Cheeks. 

Mo Cheeks was a Hall of Fame guard who played from 1978 through 1993, mostly for the Philadelphia 76ers, where he won a championship. He's also been a head coach for various teams and is currently an assistant coach with the Chicago Bulls. Cheeks has the unique distinction of being named for two different body parts.

4. Brad Hand. 

Hand is currently pitching for the Colorado Rockies and has been in the league since 2011, after playing for eight different teams. Rumor has it that his grandfather was a teacher at Ridgemont High, but that has not been confirmed.

5. Rollie Fingers. 

Fingers was a Cy Young Award winner and Hall of Fame relief pitcher who played from 1968 through 1985 for the As, Padres, and Brewers. His mustache is also in the Mustache Hall of Fame. And his fingers are in the Fingers Hall of Fame.

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6. Barry Foote. 

Barry Foote was a catcher that played from 1973 through 1982 for the Expos, Phillies, Cubs, and Yankees. While with the Cubs in 1979 he had 8 RBI in one game, including a game-winning grand slam. Some of his close friends called him Bare, for short, as in Bare Foote.

7. Luther Head. 

Luther Head played in the NBA from 2005 through 2011, mostly for the Rockets, and he was named to the all-Rookie second team in 2006. His best year was 2006-2007 when he averaged 10.8 points per game for the Rockets. There are several Heads that have played pro sports, from Ed Head to Louis Head to Marty Headd, but Luther was at the head of the Head pack.

8. Magic Johnson. 

Magic Johnson needs no introduction. He is a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest players to ever step on the hardwoods, He also has an all-world name. While there are many Johnsons out there, there is only one Johnson that is Magic, which is on full display in the HBO show “Winning Time.”

9. Tommy Neck. 

Tommy Neck had a short NFL career, playing in just one NFL game in 1962 for the Chicago Bears as a defensive back. But he left his mark on the game as the only man in any major sport, who ever lived, named Neck.

10. Greg Legg. 

Like Tommy Neck, Greg Legg is one of a kind, the only man who ever played pro sports with the name Legg. Legg only played two seasons in the Majors, both with the Phillies in 1986 and 1987. The infielder had 22 career at-bats and had 9 hits for a career .409 batting average. He was drafted by the Phillies in 1982 along with pitcher Lance McCullers. Both were busts, which means that the draft cost them an arm and a Legg.

Honorable mention: Isaiah Livers; Jeremy Chinn; Butch Beard; Marion Butts; the Balls (LaMelo and Lonzo) Gradey Dick, and Don Aase.

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