10 Annoying People in Every Office Fantasy Football League

Tag somebody if you know somebody.

The IT personThe person who has access to some type of software or data analysis that allows them to be successful year after year. Sure they’re nice, but it will also get a little under your skin that they’ll never share their technological prowess.The “who are you again?”This person will show up to draft night and you’ll totally forget they even work in the same building as you. Their sheer presence irks you.Your work best friendThe person (whom you care for deeply) that drags you into what will eventually be a terrible decision to join your office’s fantasy football league will become a nuisance by the end of the season.Your bossOf course, the most intimidating person in the league is your supervisor. The week you play them will be the most passive-aggressive back and forth you’ll experience in your professional career.The try-hardTaking things too seriously is this person’s mantra. Their constant need to stop by your desk multiple times throughout the week to discuss your team, the weekly matchups, and “how much the boss loves this idea” will drive you bonkers.The traveling salespersonWhen they actually are available and not on a flight, this person will be a complete nightmare to deal with when you try to get them to set their lineup on a weekly basis. Let the irritability crash over you like a violent ocean wave. The “who cares?”This individual will finish undefeated in first place, or dead last - all without making a move, waiver claim, or even login attempt to their fantasy football app all season. Their lack of trying will make you want to bash your face into the nearest window.HRThey’ll be the police of the message boards and unwilling to trade with anybody in the league for fear of showing preferential treatment. Their laissez-faire attitude will make you want to scream yourself hoarse with rage.Your work rivalThey got the promotion over you, they drive a nicer car than you, and despite your every effort to beat them late in the season when it matters most, they will defeat you. Annoyance is an understatement at this point.YourselfIrritable, anxious, and overly judgemental, the person you will end up becoming playing in your office’s fantasy football league is who you will end up being annoyed with the most. Do yourself a favor, and just don’t.

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