10 Amazing Golf Courses to Lose Your Ball at This Summer

You'll never want to lose a golf ball more in your life.

The Bull at Pinehurst FarmsIf you didn’t believe Wisconsin had golf courses, think again! With plenty of luscious trees lining the fairways just waiting to engulf your ball for a penalty stroke, you’ll never want to leave the only Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in the state.Troon North Golf ClubThere’s no better place to hit the links than Arizona’s own Troon North Golf Club. With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, it won’t matter where you hit your ball, because you’ll be blinded by the sun and won’t even be able to see that it’s 40 yards off in the dunes!Pebble BeachPebble Beach isn’t just the number one public course in America, it’s the most expensive course to remind you just how much you completely suck at golf. Shank one into the ocean or try your best to get out of one of the cliffside beaches. Either way, you sure as hell won’t get them back!The Sheep RanchAfter you get over the disappointment of seeing ZERO sheep, smack one into the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the beauty of Oregon’s landscape. CascataWhat happens to your ball in Vegas, stays in Vegas.Circling RavenThis one is in Idaho, so even if somebody found your ball, who would they tell? It’s Idaho. Your local putt putt golf courseThere is simply no better place to lose a golf ball. The embarrassing walk back to the front desk to get a new one after you lose one in the Koi pond will keep you coming back for more and more. Top GolfWith drink prices this low and nets surrounding your every swing, you won’t even have to remember where your ball is at, especially not when you completely shank one and hit someone in the next bay over!Golden TeeA quick flick of the wrist and a dollar in quarters will fill that “I can’t wait to go look for my ball in the woods,” void in your life at any local bar you're probably too old to be at.The backseat of your carThe cheapest and quickest way to lose a golf ball. Take the ball in your pocket, be too lazy to put it in your golf bag and set it in your cup holder or throw it in the backseat of your car and literally never find that sucker again.

Clay Beyersdorfer is a writer and comedian living in St. Louis. He can be seen attempting to achieve stardom at open mics or getting turned down by satire editors and television producers. He tackles issues like his unhealthy obsession with food, sports ball, and living as a veteran.

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